Defining Digital Marketing Goals


Many companies measure the success of online advertising or social media simply by the increase in web traffic versus their usual traffic volume. Defining your goals is the ideal place to start for online advertising, search marketing, online branding, or social media. For many, it isn’t until afterwards, or in hindsight, that it’s realized how important that a cohesive strategy has all moving parts working together. From search to content to public relations and literally all aspects of marketing.

While there’s a multitude of metrics to pursue, some of the goals you might monitor;

Search Engine Rankings – when your SEO strategy is moving in the right direction, you should see your site improve in the search results pages (SERPs) for predetermined phrases that you have chosen to pursue. The end result is an increase web traffic, leads, and gradual reduction in cost per acquisition. While SEM is the clear winner to kick off with due to it being able to launch relatively quickly, it’s organic search that is often overlooked, providing better ROI and sometimes even conversion.

Online Branding – while this includes an SEO component, an online branding strategy also includes internet marketing and social media. Online branding is not just ranking to have your website become synonymous with certain searched phrases, it also involves advertising online within the right circles to create that top of mind awareness with your brand. Additionally, it also employs social media tactics to develop your online brand essence and assist with online reputation management. Another way to measure is noting an increase in mentions on other websites, hopefully for the better.

Increase Sales – SEO can drive leads to your site, and if you’ve optimized for conversion, those leads should result in an increase in sales. This is a more common metric that is preferred, but not always the right one. If you’re running a pay per click (PPC) campaign, then it might make sense, but if you’re campaign is social media or SEO, more suitable metrics might be followers or ranking.

Email – this is often a high conversion option, but many overlook that you have to build the list in order to utilize this strategy. With any online business, build your list early. Even if there isn’t anything to say or promote now, you’ll be glad you did down the road.


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