Digital Branding and Online Reputation


Considering most of us go to the web when it comes to product research, or for a company, it’s surprising how managing these results are often overlooked.

Digital branding has become an after thought for many, with few realizing there is a need until they experience an occurrence where the search results are not in their favor for a particular phrase. If you aren’t managing your brand, someone else is in control.

Perception matters, and digital reputation management is not to be taken lightly. Whether you are a business, CEO, fund manager, socialite or celebrity, online reputation management has everything to do with perception, and it’s proven to alter the course of your future and success when not seen in a positive light.

In one case Reactorr managed, the client’s online reputation was so damaged they had to change their company name and website. This was before we worked with them, and executives with the company still required online reputation management services to optimize the results for their future.

When an executive at a business is tied to the company name, their past can surface, and that can impact the bottom line. When consumers, shareholders or even the media are looking for information about you, if your online reputation hasn’t been managed and there is something online you prefer not to be seen, it is likely to be found.

When it comes to online reputation management, this is mainly pertaining to how one appears in search when a phrase is searched. Not to be confused with Social Media Management, which is more of a public relations matter.

For organic search results, this is something that a public relations agency isn’t able to manage and requires expertise in search engine optimization to influence how your name or company appears. This is because it is more than a communications or PR strategy when it comes to SEO and takes a different kind of knowledge to create change and the right results.

Online branding and your digital reputation, when not managed, can cost you future business opportunities, along with current ones, and severely damage a business. From a current expose to something from the past, if it isn’t monitored, then it isn’t managed.

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