A Guide To Purchasing Green Chemical products

30 Nov

The whole world is trying to go green. Almost all the products available in the market have some sort of green angle attached to them. Many supposedly green chemicals are not as green as their manufacturers claim they are. Take the case of green chemicals for the cleaning industry. Everybody is aware of the harmful effects of chemical detergents and soaps. Many people opt for buying green chemicals, with the sincere intention of saving themselves and saving the environment. However, many so-called green products are as harmful as chemical detergents. The following are some tips to select truly green chemical products.

No Harm To The Operator

Make sure that it contains no harmful or toxic substances. You can find the names of ingredients from the bottle or the cover. Check the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) lists for finding the chemical ingredients that are harmful to the user. Many chemical elements and compounds – such as chlorine, benzene, phenol derivatives, petroleum products, and glycol ethers, to name a few – have toxic side effects.

If the product does not list the ingredients on the cover of the packet or is not available upon request, it is a dead giveaway about the presence of harmful ingredients. Ideally, one should use a cleaning solution that is derived from plants and does not contain any listed harmful ingredients.

No Harm To The Environment

One has to make sure that the solution does not contain anything that causes environmental damage. One vital aspect is the biodegradability of its constituents. If the ingredients are not quickly biodegradable, the product might cause environmental damage.

Another aspect is the manufacturing procedure of the chemical. Does its factory emit greenhouse gases? This information is quite difficult to find. A rule of thumb is that the production of most of the plant-derived green chemicals is environmentally safe.

No Harm To The Surface

While purchasing cleaning solution, make sure that it does not cause any damage to the surface. Many hazardous detergents weaken surfaces if used continuously or incorrectly. A true green chemical will work effectively while not harming any surface. In fact, some green chemicals can actually form a protective layer over the surface, which protects the surface from impurities for a long time.

More Effective

Contrary to popular belief, true green chemicals are even more effective than their harmful detergent counterparts. These chemicals contain nano-sized particles that can infiltrate into the molecules of almost all kinds of stains and dirt residues. In addition, these particles do not leave any residues of their own. Another advantage is that the plant-derived green chemical quickly crystallize residues, which makes their removal very easy.


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