AdWords adds a column policy details

07 Oct

Today Google AdWords added a new column to the ad tab. The column “Policy Details” provides you with de reasons behind the disapproval or limited views of your ads. In the past, you had to click on the Status icon of specific ads.

Why is this useful? By means of this column you can identify the conflicting ads in a glimpse. You also see the policy details of the campaigns which are paused. Therefore, you will immediately see which issues you have to solve before you are activating your campaigns again. Sometimes Google disapproves of ads or provides them with a limited status without them conflicting with their policy. Now you can easily find out why.


You must click on the “Columns” button when you want to add the policy details. You will find the column under the “Attributes” section. You are not yet able to download the details. You can only see this in your AdWords Interface. This column is avalaible for all accounts.


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