Best Seo Tools That Seo Experts Actually Use

24 Aug

Some guys think that blogging is just a piece of cake to earn some money. But this is actually foul thinking that leads them toward Disappointment. Search engine optimization SEO which are some tactics, techniques, strategies. Whatever you can say, it make you a failure or a successor. This depends on your skills that how you deal with Search engine Optimization SEO. There are some SEO tips and tools which actually works and can make you a successful Search engine Optimization SEO expert.

Search Engine optimization Seo Tips And Tools Which Actually Work.

No doubt your mind and skills always make you different from others. But skills always work along the things that are

  • Search engine optimization SEO Tips
  • Search engine optimization SEO Tools
  • The Quality Content about the topic

1: Search Engine Optimization SEO Tips:

There are some high level points that will cover the heading Search engine Optimization SEO tips.

Keyword Planning:

Plan the keyword that focuses searching trends. Keyword planning also covers the techniques that how you use 2 or 3 keywords in single title?

LSI Keywords:

Use the LSI keywords to support your focus keyword. LSI keywords are the supportive keywords which are use to broaden the scope of your content. For example: In this post the focus keyword is Search engine optimization SEO .And the SEO tips and tools is the LSI keyword that is supporting the Search engine optimization SEO. And extending the topic scope to the SEO Tips and tools also.

Keyword Density Matters A Lot:

Use the focus keyword as much as the content need’s. But how will you come up with content need? Extend the usage of the focus keyword as per the words in the content. For Example if this post has 400 words. Then you have to put at-least 4 or 5 times of focus keyword in the content. It will give you the keyword density is equal to 1 which is Google friendly. And also bold the LSI Keywords.

Immediate Indexing Can Give You Traffic Treasure:

Usually it takes time to be indexed on Google and get ranked. But here is a tip also through which you can get indexed immediately. But ranking depends on Search Engine Optimization SEO and the quality of content.

Seo Tips :

  • Go to webmaster
  • Then in the “crawl tab”.
  • Here you will find the option “fetch as GOOGLE”, proceed with it.
  • Here paste the URL of the post that you want to be indexed.

2: Seo Tools:

No doubt SEO tools cover the plug-ins and soft-wares that help to make Search Engine Optimization SEO easy and time saving.

Seo Plug-Ins:

SEO by YOAST, All in one SEO, Jetpack by Word-Press are well known plug-ins for SEO. But there are also good plug-ins that are somehow not so popular but have great working.

  • Inbound Writer
  • Squirrly SEO

Seo Tools:

SEO Tools somehow make your task easy and smooth. I will not go for the SEO tools that will make the topic complex. But here I will describe some of the common and popular tools.

  • Scrape box Scheduler:. Use to get automatic back-links and blog commenting
  • Title and Description Optimization Tool:. Helps to find attractive and trendy post title.
  • XML site generator:. Generate numbers of xml of your site to various search engines.
  • Pingdom site tester tool:. Use to test your site loading time and errors.

The Quality Content About The Topic:

Now all the formalities and Search engine optimization SEO essentials have been described. Now the remaining part is the content of the website. In simple words and without any long discussion the content should be based on quality not on the quantity.

  •  Try to remain simple.
  •  Don’t consider to impress the reader by using complex and difficult vocabulary.
  •  Don’t make long and complex sentences.
  • Don’t make so passiveness in your discussions.


Search engine Optimization SEO is not a rocket science but actually the name of present and active mind. SEO tips and tools will not work until you don’t put some dedication. So these were Search engine optimization SEO tips and tools which actually work, when you implement these.


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