Digital Branding and Online Reputation


Considering most of us go to the web when it comes to product research, or for a company, it’s surprising how managing these results are often overlooked.

Digital branding has become an after thought for many, with few realizing there is a need until they experience an occurrence where the search results are not in their favor for a particular phrase. If you aren’t managing your brand, someone else is in control.

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SEO for E-Commerce – Structure, Architecture, Strategy


Organic search is still the prime real estate in terms of the available online channels for demand generation. For many, competition is fierce, with online retailers always looking for ways to increase and improve their online acquisition.

When it comes to E-Commerce, as with most verticals, a common issue is that SEO is not included as early as it should be when it comes to site design, architecture, marketing and development.

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First Impressions With Digital Branding


This is a question asked subconsciously by most customers before they’ll commit. There’s a lot to be said about what others say about you. The consensus can can determine your fate.

Let’s assume your site looks fine. But that isn’t always what it takes to convert alone. You’re online brand is only as likeable as perception dictates, and influencing this drives conversion.

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Defining Digital Marketing Goals


Many companies measure the success of online advertising or social media simply by the increase in web traffic versus their usual traffic volume. Defining your goals is the ideal place to start for online advertising, search marketing, online branding, or social media. For many, it isn’t until afterwards, or in hindsight, that it’s realized how important that a cohesive strategy has all moving parts working together. From search to content to public relations and literally all aspects of marketing.

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