15 Oct

Don’t Call Me SEO, Call Me IM

Our aim this year is to leave behind the tag of ´SEO Agency´ that has been with us successfully for many years, because, the truth is, we no longer feel that is represents what we are trying to do. Not only because during the last few years we have also

13 Oct

Creative process for off-page consultancy

Gabriel Yoran of Steganos gave a conference (Berlin 04.06.2012) at the Webinale in Berlin in which he described the creative process for campaign creation, and while the process he described can be applied to all creative processes his key points and the thought structure are especially relevant in light of

09 Oct

Changing the SEO consultant

As life happens, SEO processes and strategies are also subject to change by external reasons. One of the keys of any SEO project is the consultant, even more if it became very close to the website along the time and knew every single detail about it. Whatever the case a

10 May

Marketing Disruptions and Innovation

Marketing has talked about using SWOTs to find that USP (unique selling proposition) for years, but change to the process is at work, and its called disruption. Disruption Marketing is about creating new opportunities and possibly shaking up the norm. The concept isnt that new, but the approach is becoming

09 Jun

5 Social Media Statistics You Should Know

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