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While sitting in our apartment in Vancouver, we felt a swaying motion. It was hard to ignore the plants and vertical blinds moving.

Realizing it’s an earthquake, I checked Google News for any info. Nothing.

Then I searched twitter and found lots of people mentioning it. To see in real-time, I went to

As I watched the stream of comments from people about their chandelier swinging and similar it became all too real.

The Vancouver earthquake reports say 7.1 and 7.7 on the richter scale, about 7 more than I’d care to be around.

A tsunami warning was issued for the North tip of Vancouver Island to Alaska as well, hopefully not.

In the last 15 minutes, I kept an eye on both twitter and google news, but twitter had a lot more info. Google news only had one mention for 15-20 minutes, and stories have started to trickle in , although its mostly repeats of the same info.

This reminded me of situations that you hope no one would have to go through where social media is truly valuable. Things like the Fukushima, and other types of disasters where it creates both a source of information and line of communications for those affected.

In some ways, social media is underestimated.

Update – over 30 minutes later the media made an announcement

 An earthquake registered at 7.7 appears to have hit off the coast of Vancouver Island, Earthquake Canada reports. A tsunami warning is in effect for coastal areas of BC and Alaska from the northern tip of Vancouver Island. More to come…

Read more:

Full story at Vancouver Sun


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