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Social doesn’t convert, at least not like blogs is what a new report says.

In the latest findings of Technorati’s 2013 Digital Influence Report, it discusses how “consumers are turning to blogs when looking to make a purchase.”

It should come as no surprise that blogs outrank social when it comes to influence, they’re often a viable resource that consumers rely on prior to making a decision.

As conventional advertising withered, digital provided measurable results that marketers could scale quickly . Then social came along, touted as a new equalizer that kind of grew to  a new spam channel to replace email, with  the amount of noise often deafening. But all the while, online brands were being built and some bloggers have developed audiences and trust.

An endorsement from influential bloggers is worth a lot more than 100,000 tweets or likes, which you can now buy for maybe fifty bucks. Although it would depend who tweets, the fact is the conversion isn’t the same as when a site or blog with any degree of authority gives you a mention. Sound good? How do I get mine mentioned?

The challenge lies in the fact that this isn’t advertising. You’re asking these influencers for access to their audience, something they’ve built through a lot of hard work. You’ll need to give them a reason to consider engaging the idea and put on your PR hat. Like any pitch, knowing their subject matter and audience will make the difference.

While this isn’t news for some, inbound marketers and SEO’s have known this for some time. And with the recent Google updates (Penguin/Panda) it’s likely this approach will continue to become popular. In many ways, it’s like PR has been rejuvenated. One thing’s for sure, with all the options vying for attention, leveraging another audience surely beats trying to build from scratch.




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