Changing the SEO consultant

09 Oct

As life happens, SEO processes and strategies are also subject to change by external reasons. One of the keys of any SEO project is the consultant, even more if it became very close to the website along the time and knew every single detail about it. Whatever the case a “migration” of consultant must be done, two scenarios arise: drama and opportunity.

Consultant transitions can be a drama or an opportunity, all depends on how you face such a circumstance.

Why will it turn into a drama?
Less than 15 days term to transfer the project to another consultant
Why 15?, well, apart from the fact that you need time enough to let the consultant in charge share all the information with the new one, 15 days include two weekends and allow to get a first overview on how traffic and other metrics behave. This will make possible for the new consultant to better understand the site, take advantage of its fresh point of view and detect questions and answers to talk to the ”old” consultant before this leaves.

No meeting involving all the parts is set
And then is the starting point for a messy situation, misunderstandings and later waste of time for everybody.

Be clear with the client since the very beginning when you first know this change is going to happen. A fair explanation and how exactly your team is going to deal with is a guarantee to keep doing things right and as well as before.

Charge extra expenses per hour
Oh, man, this one is too obvious. Seriously, are you considering the idea to make the client responsible for an internal modification? Any extra time your team may need to adapt to the new situation must be on own’s budget.

Deliver free extra work
As bad as charge extra expenses. If you do this, it will be like saying you are going to reduce quality of the service or that everything is not under your control because of the “consultant migration”. Keep consistency and don’t waste the educate-the-client previous work. Just do what you were paid for and if new needs and opportunities come, negotiate upsellings and new strategies with the client.

Un drama seo

Of course, as many different kind of projects could be going on, there are many more points to make your transition go wrong. The road to ruin takes so many ways, but these general points above will definitely make heads roll.

Why will it turn into an opportunity?
Avoid falling into the previous four terrifying points.
Pretty simple to say. Not that easy to do. The sooner you apply for them, the easier will be for you to pay attention to further situations, to be always there before the client has to tell you.

Set a brainstorming meeting with all your team before meeting with the client.
The consultant who was in charge earlier will have some kind of feeling of what the process really needs in order to achieve new levels. This is the right time at the right place. Squeeze it! It will be also a relief for the consultant, who will be able to express ideas that could not share before, either because of own limitations, company restrictions, fears or whatsoever.

If possible, do the bye-old-consultant / hello-new-consultant in person
So that client can see the change for real. Show the client how great the two of them understand each other’s points and let client realize everything is going to be as before with a plus: four eyes see more than two.

Ask the old consultant to resend the most important e-mails
The SEO substitute will read and understand all of them before first contact the client and surprise it by really being aware of any phrase the client may start with “I don’t know if you could read……” and reply something like “Yes, I could. I did, you can talk to me as if I were him/her……” in a friendly and kind of fun tone.

Take advantage of the new SEO skills
Every single consultant is specially good at some specific SEO matter. Each of them is therefore able to distinguish further business opportunities for both client and agency that other consultant could not. Do not miss that!

Migración de consultor

I will tell you something. Even if you do the things the right way, sometimes all is about being in tune with the client. If the fresh new SEO consultant is able to establish such a connection, kind of magic even, then halfway is crossed and obstacles will be easy to go through.


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