Creative process for off-page consultancy

13 Oct

Gabriel Yoran of Steganos gave a conference (Berlin 04.06.2012) at the Webinale in Berlin in which he described the creative process for campaign creation, and while the process he described can be applied to all creative processes his key points and the thought structure are especially relevant in light of Google’s Penguin update on April 24th where the quality of content is key in developing a clean link profile.

Gabriel described the following 7 key points:

The objective(s): Describe clearly what the goals of your campaign are, whether sales, SoV, increase in sales, generating quality links,
Consumer insights: In order to create quality content to which people will respond and link to, you need to understand what they are currently saying about your brand/product and why they are saying it. Market research, online questionnaires, social media monitoring are all tools that can help you create a database of consumer insights. Those insights can evolve overtime; therefore make sure you stay up-to-date
Conventions: Observe what are the specifics of you market and try and understand why. Do you want your content to follow these standards or go against them? Whichever one you choose make sure you understand the implications and stick to your choice.
Proposition: This is not your claim, it is your one sentence brand pitch. Are your customers capable of understanding your product and are you capable of generating interest in your product in one sentence? Is this proposition and integral part of all your content.
Reason why: Are you capable of justifying your proposition and are you 100% committed to your proposition. It is important to translate this in your content.
Tonality: This is your last chance for differentiation, what is the tone you wish your brand to embody in light of the first 6 key points, this tone will be an integral part of your content.
Connection opportunities: When and where can you and should you reach you customers.
Following these key points will allow your brand to generate a natural link-building profile thanks to quality creative content.

Additionally by adopting such a process through all aspects of your communication you will ensure continuity between your SEO, your SEM and your SMM.


Gabriel Yoran is co-founder of consumer privacy software company Steganos (which he started at the age of 17) and location-based social network, aka-aki.

Gabriel is an expert in product design and consumer marketing with more than 15 years of professional experience. He is also a member of the European Union Social Networks Group.

Gabriel is a mentor at the Founder Institute and gives lectures on Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Product Design.


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