Credit Card Security

11 Oct

A major clothing retail company recently announce that its website was hacked and customers credit card details were stolen, thought the credit card information were said to be encrypted, the company still advised its customers to contact their credit card issuers to cancel their credit cards.

Sadly, news like this do come from ecommerce websites every now and again, this kind of news damages consumer confidence in online transactions, some people are wary of buying online as they feel their credit card details and personal information may fall into the wrong hands.

Here are a few tips to help buyers and sellers conduct online transactions safely and securely.

Tips for safe online transactions

  • Ensure the site you are buying from has a valid SSL certificate.
  • Keep your computer free of spywares and viruses to prevent you credit card details from being stolen via malicious software.
  • Ensure you credit card company has your most up to date phone number, credit card companies always call to verify transactions that are not typical of you account profile.
  • Buy from reputable merchants only, if you are not sure of a website, no matter how tempting the offer, its better to play it safe, check the identity of the company before making a purchase.
  • Be suspicious of email from any organisation claiming to be acting on behalf of your bank, you should even be careful of email claiming to be from you bank, always call your bank to confirm that they actually sent the email.
  • Never follow a link on an email asking you to update you credit card information on a merchants site, its better to go directly to the merchant via the url you have for them.
  • Some credit card companies such as Cahoot issue a temporary credit card number that is only valid for one transaction, use such card instead of you regular credit card for online transaction.


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