How Customers find your site

03 Oct

The question to ask yourself is: How are my customers finding my website? The best way to find the answer to that question is to look at your sites log files. There are plenty of programs available for free or for a fee, that will allow you to view the statistics. Of your site in an easy to read format. Awstats provides a nice looking, easy to use interface, for viewing a website statistics. Awstats allows you to view a complete listing of all of the keywords and key phrases your users employed to find your site.

If you look at the Used Book site statistics, you might find that 60% of the sites visitors came back from a search engine. Of those, 20% used the key phrase “Used books” to find the site, 8% used “Old Books”, and 3% used “Antique Books”. Each of the remaining keywords and key phrases were used by one or two visitors to find the site: terms such as “Tattered binding” and “Shakespeare
originals” and even common misspellings like “tatered Cover” or “The Dark night”. You might even find that there are some longer key phrases like “How to sell a collection of used books for cheap and fast”.

These lesser used keywords and phrases are the long tail. They make up a very high proportion of searches conducted on the internet. This is one reason why they are so important. Another reason that they are so important is the fact that little is known about the long tail. Most SEO’s and web site marketers ignore the long tail in favor of targeting the more competitive keywords.

Targeting the long tail should be at the top of any serious SEO or webmasters priorities. Making use of these keywords and phrases throughout your site can potentially increase your sites traffic as much as 2 or 3 times.



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