Digital Branding – The Marketing Shift

16 Nov

Marketers often forget the value of online branding. It’s a relatively new concept that’s proving to be challenging for some. Much like branding in general, its about the intangibles, but not entirely. Digital branding is about building equity through the online marketing channels available, and your online visibility. These can be broken down into a few key areas – social media, seo, and online advertising. With social media, digital branding is comparable to the PR and communications strategies. Shaping the perception and what a brand stands for helps to create value for your business. Whether online or offline, this part of branding is critical to positioning in a positive manner.

Social media provides a voice for the brand, allowing your business to not only engage, but also listen to the conversations that already exist. The power of social media isn’t to be underestimated, having proven itself several times over. There are numerous social media tools available to monitor and measure your brand online. SEO is another way to create a shortcut in the mind of the consumer. When someone is preparing to buy, or doing some preliminary research for a product or service, most turn to the web and look up information with their favorite search engine. Since we now know that about 90% of searches never make it to the second page, being in the top ten is where it counts. The value of SEO is often misunderstood, and one way of determining what it might have to offer is by using a SEO ROI calculator to determine its worth.

Internet advertising creates digital branding opportunities across web properties your customer might be visiting and help increase its online visibility. While not all impressions lead to measurable success, they do increase the exposure, regardless of what some might say about banner blindness. Marketers budgets continue to shift to online advertising, social media and SEO, leaving many traditional publishers to rethink their business model. The rules of changed, and the shift to digital now includes mobile branding. The thing about this whole digital branding business is its more measurable, provides better ROI, and better targeting than anything previously available.


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