Don’t Call Me SEO, Call Me IM

15 Oct

Our aim this year is to leave behind the tag of ´SEO Agency´ that has been with us successfully for many years, because, the truth is, we no longer feel that is represents what we are trying to do. Not only because during the last few years we have also begun to offer Social Media, nor because of our integration with Traffic4U giving us greater ability in SEM, but because the work of an SEO Agency has evolved so much during the last few years that “Search Engine Optimisation” isn´t really what we do anymore.

This year we want you to call us an “Inbound Marketing Agency,” not bad eh? We are converting ourselves into IMs, into Inbound Marketers (in case you didn´t get the abbreviation!) All joking aside, the Internet has matured and we find ourselves in a difficult world where it is not enough to just be.

It is true that the Internet is the window into your business, one that the whole world can look through; however, this automatically means that you are in competition with the rest of the world as well, and in an environment such as this it is difficult to stand out. This is our objective, to help you to get the most out of the internet, and for this reason, our role had to evolve. We like the term “Inbound Marketing” because it implies that we earn trust and interest in your business, as opposed to buying it. It is a holistic process that includes SEO, Social Media and SEM, but also content marketing, web analysis, usability and conversion.


We are moving away from tools and focusing more on constructing value through detailed analysis of objectives, markets, publications and messages. Being the best in IM (or SEO if we are using the language of 2011) does not consist of being the best technicians and programmers and deciphering the sacred algorithm, it consists of making your publications found because they are relevant to your client base and thereby securing the sale of your products or services to clients who have found you in the ocean that is the Internet.

Luckily, we are not alone in this battle: in the latest study carried out by SEOMOZ, businesses focusing purely on SEO were slowly but surely disappearing and business offering inbound marketing (offering SEO, content, analysis and conversion) were growing. Only 25 out of the 150 businesses surveyed claimed to offer only SEO, and 26.7% offered a wider range of services.

To cite David Bonilla, one of my favourite thinkers (if not guru), this year we will realize that:

(SEO does not exist anymore) What exists is SECS or Search Engine Common Sense. Hire an expert in SECS who will help you improve your websites success with searchers and flee from those selling the idea that, all of a sudden, you will gain zillions of new visitors by adding ´sex´ and ´miniskirt´ to your keywords on your homepage, everybody is making the same mistake, including people with a lot more resources than you.


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