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Going digital is the best way forward

14 May

Everybody seems to be going digital. Forget the giants, even the smallest of companies are turning digital overnight. According to a research conducted by Deloitte, 9 out of 10 people feel that their businesses are most likely to be disrupted and overhauled by digital trends. Furthermore, the survey threw light on the fact that not even 50% of the organisations are adequately prepared to embrace a change as big as this.

Digital’s been a buzz word in the world of business for quite some time now. Companies are embracing digital technologies in order to establish a better connect with the consumers. An average American spends close to 24 hours online in a week. Now, that’s a staggering number. Businesses seem to have realized that going digital is not just cheaper, but also helps establish a better connect with all the concerned parties.

Of late, companies and businesses have been preparing eLearning modules in order to educate the employees about the company, its goals, values, scope of work, etc. It goes pretty much without saying that sending links to online worksheets is far easier than getting people to fill out a huge pile of physical forms. Quite a lot of digital marketing companies in Greenville sc can be seen going digital in order to widen their consumer base.

Here’s a list of tips if you wish to go digital, but don’t know where to begin:

1. Visualizing your business outcomes

The first and foremost step is to ascertain the changes that need to be made. Understanding your business’ goals, objectives and the desired outcomes holds the key in this case.  Identify the areas where friction is occurring. Once the objectives and the desired outcomes are clear in your head, you can then start identifying the major dependencies which form the heart and soul of your business. Your data processing and storage bit is a part of it.

2. Don’t wait until it’s too late

Transforming the entire set up overnight sounds quite unrealistic. Changing something is certainly not the easiest thing to do, but the consequences of clinging on to the old-school techniques can backfire big-time.  Digital’s all-pervasive. It’s a force that’s just too formidable to disrupt. Take an example of Uber: We need taxis to commute because the metro rapid transit happens to be a bit too crowded at times. Earlier, hiring a taxi used to be a pain. It used to be quite a time-consuming process. Today, we can easily hire a cab using the Uber app. The cab for hire industry is thriving because of the digital boom. The digital boom has made it easier for people to hire taxis within minutes.

3. Choosing appropriate partners is important

Businesses can be seen investing heavily in order to upgrade the existing IT systems. It is important to search for a partner who can protect the systems while leveraging the data and the corporate knowledge. The investment in technology and innovation can drive value.Every now and then, companies require someone to build digital cases that can be integrated into the company’s infrastructure. In order to ensure this, you need to have a partner who can be trusted. You’d get advanced technologies such as IoT and machine learning at your disposal, but what you really need is a partner who can use these technologies in order to achieve  desirable business results.

4. Having a human touch is of utmost importance

Going digital is fine, but losing the human touch is bound to backfire. No matter how comprehensive the automation part is, you’ll need to involve people in all of the critical processes. A considerable degree of human touch is required in order to satisfy the consumers.Automation needs to focus on making life easier for the end user. Simply put, automation is used to address challenges that are human-centric.

So, that’s about it. Just be patient and go step by step.



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