Google updates and more SEO news from week 46

19 Oct

In week 46 there are a lot of interesting articles to read on the internet. These articles include topics like the future of SEO, infographics and mobile SEO. We created a selection of the best articles to keep you up to date!

How does Google consider site-wide backlinks?
This week Matt Cutss answered the YouTube Question about site-wide backlinks. Because the Panda and Penguin updates are still fresh in our minds, a lot of people were wondering if Google considers site-wide backlinks positive or negative. What does google think about these kinds of links? Does Google count it as only 1 link from the whole domain? The answer is very straightforward: when it is a relevant, non-commercial link, the side-wide back link will not be considered negative.

The future of the visual web and the future of SEO
John Doherty describes the future of the visual web and the future of SEO. Fact remains that the web is becoming more visual every day. We are always focusing on good, relevant and fresh content, but isn´t the visual aspect just as important? Doherty´s conclusion: Yes, appearance does matter, and people appreciate a nice design. It gives out a signal of trust, and because of this, people tend to return to this page in the future.

6 Reasons why I don’t look at your Infographic
Unbounce is discussing the infographic this week. Infographics are hot, everybody wants an infographic. You see them almost everywhere, but only few of them really stand out and become a hype. It really is not that easy to make a successful infographic.
Sharon Hurley Hall discusses 6 points that are of great importance to the successfulness of an infographic.

An outreach Experiment for Paid Links in the Travel Industry
Paddy Morgan did research about the paid links within the travel sector. He often received questions from other SEO´s about how to deal with webmasters and bloggers who ask for money when publishing a link. This brought him to the idea of an experiment. Based on his findings he gives his personal vision on paid links.

A week in the life of 3 Keywords
Keywords constantly rise and drop, but which movements are normal and when should we get worried? Dr. Pete from SEOMoz shares his experiences with fluctuations of rankings. According to Dr. Pete, it is of great importance to look at the long-term patterns and not to make any premature decisions about when a keyword is declining in a short amount of time. Rankings are still important, but let’s not forget that we are in a constantly moving world!

Get started with Mobile SEO
With an increasing use of mobile devices, it makes a lot of sense to optimize your website. Our ex-colleague Aleyda Solis shares some helpful tips to accomplish this.
It all starts with a thorough analysis, followed by an adaption of the design to optimize your mobile site. If you follow these steps you will be ensured of a mobile site that is ready for the future.

Content Strategy for Christmas and the New Year
Whether you like it or not: the holidays are coming closer, and in case you want to profit from them, this is the time to start! Shaad Hamid explains that with a good content strategy comes strict planning. How, in the world of e-commerce, can you make sure your customers won´t be disappointed because you cannot deliver their orders on time?

Bridging the Gap Between SEO and PR
SEO and PR are becoming more and more integrated. We too started to notice that our customers are often involving us in the branding of their brands through off-page SEO activities. This article explains which two aspects of these marketing activities are connected and how PR-professionals can use our knowledge of SEO to their advantage.

A Simple Guide to Google Content Experiments
The so called ‘split testing’ is an underestimated component of the search industry. Nick Eubanks describes in his article on how split testing is less complicated than you might think. With a step-by-step guide he shows that through good testing you can come to the realization that small changes can lead to big improvements.


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