Google updates and more SEO news from week 48

21 Oct


It has been a week since our last update with important articles, and during this time a lot has happened in the ‘Online World’. As usual Internet Advantage collected the most important Articles for you! See our here for week 48.

Is CPM bidding a waste of your money?
You will probably answer this question with a clear ‘yes’. But have you ever had a CPM display (branding) campaign? On they are going into depth about CPM, and give a clear explanation why CPM indeed is an outdated and money-wasting campaign strategy.

Black Friday, Twitter and Online Sales.
I have never witnessed Black Friday in The United States, but according to the Online Buzz it has been complete chaos. Of course Social Media has a share in creating this. But does this medium actually boost online sales by means of Twitter referrals? You can read all about it on the Businessinsider.

Search Strategies Event Amsterdam
On the 29th of November the Search Strategies Event was held in Amsterdam. A couple of our employees attended the event. Peter and Aloutte wrote an extensive report about their visit, you can read it here.

Link building for little guys
linkbuilding is not only reserved for the bigger players in the industry should be commonly known. Small businesses will probably not have the same resources as medium and large sized companies; however, this doesn’t mean that their linkbuilding won’t be effective. Matthew Barby explains that as a ‘little guy’ you should look at linkbuilding as a way of ‘relationship-building’ to make it more effective.

Missed opportunities – find websites that will post your infographic but will not post your link.
The popularity of the use of Infographics as linkbait is still increasing. The use of infographics can be costly, that’s why it is of great importance to know who is posting your infographic and if they will eventually link to your page. Geoff Kenyon made a great practical overview of how you can trace who posted your infographic and if this is linking to you.

The biggest usability mistakes: learning based on 100.000 usability tests.
Usability is a matter of testing over and over again. Improvements in the usability of your website can really improve the conversion. Dr. Karl Blank from ConversionRateExperts shares his most important findings based on 100.000 completed usability tests.

9 Tips for an effective negative keyword strategy
A good PPC campaign requires a good negative keyword strategy. When you use the right negative keywords it will save you money, increase the relevance of your advertisements and improve the click-through rate. Sam Owen gives 9 tips to get more out of your negative keyword strategy.


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