How To Build A Network Marketing Business Quickly

24 Aug

I have been blessed with so many things for the past few months. If it’s your first time on this blog, you probably don’t know that I have been with Nutrisensenetworking company since November. Since then, I have learned a lot from my mentors as well as from experience about how to become a “rockstar” in the network marketing industry. I made this post so I could share 3 things that have helped me grow my organization and become top 7 in my company nationwide. I never expected to become a top earner in just a short amount of time. The secret? I just followed these 3 things. This has been a tested and proven formula that has also helped my mentors become top earners in their businesses. We applied it in our team…and in 3 months, 7 of us made it into the Top Earners League in our company. Isn’t that cool?!

You Wanna Know How We Roll? Here It Is:

1. You have to Believe that it’s easy. If it’s not easy right now, it’s because you don’t believe that it is. Period. A lot from our team became top earners for this quarter in Nutrisense Intlbecause of this secret. Why? These people believe that it’s easy – so for them, it is.

2. You have to know what to do. This is a ‘loose framework’. Really, you don’t have to know, you have to work your ass off until you know. The trick here is actually keeping this as simple as it is. Focus on prospects and follow up. Use your marketing training. Get more prospects, and follow up more until you’re getting 2 people to signup a day.If you don’t know what that is, comment on this post and I’ll teach it to you. Be at every event (training,get-together). Drop everything when your uplines/mentors say so. You get knowledge and wisdom just by being with them. Really, that’s it.

3. You have to do it. I can’t tell you how many folk I’ve talked with in the last few months, that Swear that they’re working hard, and in a 30 minute conversation I can’t find a single thing that they’ve actually done to generate income. They avoid everything, and take all day to do it. That doesn’t just suck, but you also won’t make lots, and lots of money doing that. I hope these have helped you in your quest to become a top earner in your business. It should work. It worked for me in my Nutrisense business. I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t for you. Just do it!


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