Internet Advantage Weekly sum up -week 1

29 Oct

The new year has started and a lot of blog posts from this week are making predictions for 2013, like what we can expect, what will be important and what will (most likely) change. Enjoy our selection of the most interesting articles of week 1!

A Web Marketing Consultant’s New Year’s Resolutions – Mike Pantoliano.
New Year’s Resolutions are a worldwide tradition, also for marketeers. Instead of reflecting on 2012, Mike prefers to take a look at 2013. What will be important? In this blog posts he is mainly discussing ‘the big picture’ and the influence of mobile devices.

2013: The Year of Marketing Integration – Uri Bar – Joseph
Just like Mike, Uri Bar is making predictions for 2013. They both agree on ‘the big picture’, but Uri Bar prefers to call it ‘Integration’. This includes both online and offline integration and the integration of campaigns and tools. He furthermore says that it will become easier to measure and predict Social Media.

5 Steps to Calculate Social Media ROI Using Google Analytics

Want to know more about measuring Social Media? Then this article from Rebecca Murtagh is a good read! She gives great tips on how you can calculate Social Media ROI by using Google Analytics.

Measuring Success in 2013: Assigning Real Value & Tracking Every Click with Google Analytics
In this post James explains about the Analytics accounts he has worked with in the past. He comes to the conclusion that a lot of published statistics are meaningless. He describes how you can avoid creating and publishing vague statistics, simply by arranging the different goal types.

10 Reasons Why Public Relations is a ‘Must-do’ for SEO in 2013
Once more a post that gives great suggestions for 2013. Ken McGaffin explains why SEO and PR are becoming more integrated with eachother and how the last Google updates have influenced this. This list includes 10 reasons why SEO’s should absolutely focus more on PR in 2013.

Avoiding the SEO ‘Fiscal Cliff’ – Justifying Investment With Metrics that Matter – Grant Simmons
While writing this article it is still unclear if the United States will have to take drastic measures to shrink the country’s deficit. Now we know that this will not happen, however, a lot of online marketeers (both in the U.S. and Europe) have to work with ever shrinking budgets. Grant Simmons gives a great piece of advice on how to meet the challenge and stay ahead of competitors.

The FTC rules: Google does NOT favor its own products in the search results.
Last week the American Federal Trade Commission ruled that Google is not favoring its own products, and therefore does not have to change the organic search results. The FTC dropped all charges against the search engine giant. Google only has to make some minor changes, but these won’t have mayor effects on the search results. Even though this was a big win for Google, it did stir up some discussion. This great article on Search Engine Journal explains more about the case and the complaints against it.


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