Internet Advantage weekly sum up – week 2

25 Oct

Below you will find an overview of the most important news updates on Online Marketing of week 2. We found some great link building tips and have an interesting article about the new patents and strategies of Google.

EU vs FTC – Google to be Made to Change Search Results in Europe – Peter Young
The European Union took a look at Google’s position in the market, just like the FTC did a couple of weeks ago. Contrary to the FTC, the EU ruled that Google is taking advantage of its dominant position. Therefore they ruled that Google will have to make changes in the European search results.

eCommerce Link Building in 2013: 6 Experts Weigh In – Matt Gratt
Link building for ecommerce websites can be very tricky, and at Buzz Stream they know all about it. To make things a bit easier Matt Gratt asked 6 experts to share their ecommerce link building strategies. Todd McDonald of RKG, Alisa Scharf of SEER Interactive, SeOverflow´s Everett Sizemore, Don Rhoades of Gonzo SEO, Steph Chang of Distilled New York and last but not least Nick Eubanks of W.L. Snook & Associates shared some useful tips!

3 Ways B2B SEOs Can Keep on Winning in 2013 – Derek Edmond
Starting a new year is always a great opportunity to look at different ways for success. Derek Edmond describes 3 different strategies for B2B SEO that can be very useful in 2013.

Building Google’s Knowledge Base and Identifying Locations in Web Pages – Bill Slawski
Google has stated before that they will concentrate more on Knowledge Graphs, which will detect certain types of information quicker. Bill Slawski is looking into the patents that Google requested to identify locations named on websites.

Why You Need To Complement Your In-House Team With External Expertise – Eric Enge
Many companies are in doubt if they should do in-house SEO or outsource it. Eric Enge explains why it is a smart decision to expand your in-house team with external experts.

6 tactics to deal with rejection in link building – James Agate
Link building isn’t always easy, and as a link builder you will encounter a lot of rejections. James Agate is trying to cheer up all the link builders out there, by sharing 6 different ways of dealing with rejections.

How Many Pages Should A Site Have Indexed by Search Engines? – Michael Martinez
Even though all websites are different, Michael Martinez is taking a shot at researching how many pages a site should have indexed by Search Engines.

Easy step-by-step guide to finding low quality links – Paddy Morgan
According to State of Search, 2012 was a great year for link building. Paddy Morgan states that link building is still underestimated in the world of marketing, even though link builders are a great added value for enterprises, and are not only doing some shady link building tricks. In this post he shares a useful plan of action (including tools) to trace high quality links.


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