Internet Advantage Weekly Sum Up – Week 3

27 Oct

Another week, another sum-up. We collected the most important news updates from the past week, and summarized them for you. With this week some great articles on the changes in Google Analytics, the new Facebook Graph Search, Paid Search opportunities and the development of Tablet advertisement.

Nine Google Analytics changes
Last week Google made some changes in Google Analytics. Nine changes, to be exactly. Most of them are changes in design and lay-out, but there are some minor changes in the features and functioning as well. Dan Barker wrote a great article on his blog, that explains all the new features.

The experts’ views on content marketing
What works for online marketing? This is a question that many online marketers are asking themselves. Most would agree that link building and quantity of links are important, however, after the last Panda update, many marketers started to take online marketing to the next level. Content Marketing is booming and according to some, the next big thing. John Abrena asked 12 online marketing experts about their view on content marketing.

Seven tips on anchor texts for 2013
Rishi Lakhini wrote a great blogpost on anchor texts. With the changes in Google’s search results, due to the Panda and Penguin update, there are some new tricks that you can use in 2013.

SEO in Facebook Search
Facebook announced a new kind of search engine for their website; Facebook Graph Search. This new search tool enables users to search for people, pictures, restaurants and music through their friends. Once the Graph Search is officially online, users will be able to search for things like ‘Italian restaurants that my friends like’, Facebook will then see who, and how many of your friends have liked Italian restaurants, and show the top results. Other options are searching for nearby places, check ins, or people with the same interests. This new feature is very interesting for SEO marketers; therefore Facebook already published some SEO tips on their Studio Blog.

Marin Software and IgnitionOne Reports: Tablet vs. Smartphone advertising.

Marin Software and IgnitionOne both made reports on the development and growth of Tablet Paid-Search advertisements, and compared the results with the Smartphone advertisements. Search Engine Land put the conclusions of both reports together and wrote a great post on it on their blog.

Google expands test of AdWords that collect Email addresses
Google is testing a new feature of AdWords, which will collect e-mail addresses of users. So far this has only been tested in the US and the UK, but when it’s finished will be used on all of Google’s pages. This new feature is just a new way of generating leads, before the user has even visited a website. Find out how it all works on Search Engine Land´s website.
Adobe: Paid search opportunities lie in tablet targeting and Product Listing Ads.

Adobe believes that at the end of this year 30% to 35% of the paid search traffic will come from mobile devices. They also mention that the big opportunities lie in Tablet Targeting and Product Listing Ads (PLAs). Click Through Rate of these ads are about 34% higher than the Standard Text Ads. However,the average order value is 12% lower.


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