Internet Advantage weekly sum-up week 47

31 Oct

Week 47 brings us a lot of new interesting infographics, news updates and blogposts about SEO, SEA and more. You cannot miss these great updates! Enjoy our selection for week 47!

Link Building for the Little Guys – Matthew Barby

We all like to think big, bigger, biggest. Besides, there are many articles about creative and unique linkbuilding. That´s all very well, but unfortunately not everybody will understand it. In this article Matthew explains the idea of linkbuilding for the little guys.

Growing a New Website to 100,000+ Organic Visits Per Month in Less Than 1 Year – Nick Eubanks
When launching a new website, your dream is to get as many visitors as possible, in a very short time. Nick explains in this example how, through good SEO and a good content strategy, he got to 100.000 a month in only 1 year! The interesting detail in this case is that the website we are talking about is actually in Japanese!

Google Adwords conversion rate averages by industry [infographic]
Many companies in different branches dive, without good consideration, into the world of SEA. However, there are really big contrasts and differences in the conversion percentages between the different industries. Wordstream published a great infographic with solely interesting statistics per industry! A little glimpse: Travel has the lowest conversion percentage and Internet/Telecom the highest.

9 Ways to Write Killer Titles That Convert – Chelsea Blacker
Nowadays the internet and blogging are a really important part of personal branding. Thus, it wouldn’t hurt to pay more attention to the perfect title for a blogpost. This might sound a little over the top, but this really makes the difference between clicking or scrolling, and maybe even world fame. Chelsea Blacker gives 9 points that your ‘killer-tittle’ should comply with.

Helping you be more productive with the AdWords interface
Like Google points out, the months around December are the most important months for many advertisers, so they are even more important to Google! So it was time for Google to make some adjustments to the Adwords interface! The most important adjustments can be found in the new parts of the search terms reports and a diagnostic system that searches for possible errors and conflicts in your campaigns.

Setting Up Your SEO Project / Agency for Success – Ron Garrett
In this post Ron Garrett talks about the main problems with (new) agencies. Most of the time these problems don’t have anything to do with the knowledge of SEO, but more with the level of communication with the clients, and offering the specific solutions for their problems. Based on the original models of ‘The cycle of sadness’ Ron Garrett explains how he would solve the different situations.

18 Ways to Create Unique Content From Survey Results – Ken McGaffin
Within the context of content-marketing and the creation of good content, we are all looking for new, fresh and creative ideas. A good source for developing this content is for example research results. In this post Ken McGaffin shares some examples of content you can make based on surveys. Furthermore he gives another 18 examples of different kinds of content that can evolve from good research.

The new Formula for PPC
This post brings us a very interesting infographic about PPC. It shows how easy it used to be to advertise back in the days, and how this has changed over time. The more ‘connected’ the world got, the more complicated it became to advertise. However, with all the available data nowadays nowadays it is way easier to do specific targeting!

5 Types of Content You Probably Aren’t Creating but should – Arnie Kuenn
To stay in line with content-marketing, here another post about this topic. Arnie Kuenn points out that content-marketing can be a successfull strategy, but only if implemented correctly. Arnie Kuenn gives different examples of content that many companies are not creating , but should !

Update-Bell: Googles Pony update is shaking the SERPs
Like my colleague Jan-Willem already expected weeks ago because of the big changes, seems to be happening. Marcus Tober from Searchmetrics shows that from their data we can conclude that there has been an update. Of course this has to come with another great name: Pony Update. And as it looks for now, it is an iteration from the Penguin algorithm.



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