Internet Marketing Strategy: Using Facebook to Boost Marketing Performance

04 Aug

With more than 500 million registered users, Facebook certainly gives a wide opportunity for the online business entrepreneurs. It is never sleep because it is used throughout the world and hence the market is always there all the time. Such large market of course offers a compelling opportunity to make big sales among the people who join the social network. The team of the social network itself has provided features that can be used by its members to make use of the opportunity. That is why a company today usually does not leave the social network in its Internet marketing strategy.

The Internet marketing strategy using the social network can be performed, among others, through the Facebook advertisement platform provided by the team. The feature had been designed to be able to be targeted to specific target. Marketers can target their ads based on location, age, gender, education level and other specific targeting. For a business which has its own Facebook account, the business can also be advertised through the account although the subsequent management should be done manually just like when a person manage his or her personal account.

It is recommended that the Facebook ad had been optimized prior to the launch. In this type of Internet marketing strategy, it will be helpful when the advertiser has the resources to do the optimization of the ad which actually has the same principle with the optimization for other Net entities. However, it has to be remembered that the goal of the campaign through Facebook is to draw the visitors into the specific page in which the actual offer is located. Spamming would be the fastest way to drive away traffic so it should not be done. It means that tagging the offer to the friends should be avoided at all cost.



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