Long Tail Keywords – Holy Grail For Search Marketers

14 Nov

Long tail keywords are critical to the success of any online search marketer since they account for around 70% of the total web searches. After Google implemented the Hummingbird Update, they started giving more value to the overall context of the content. This significantly increased the importance of using a long tail keyword targeting approach.

Long tail keywords are essentially the queries which the users make in Google. Hence, ranking for long tail keywords like “Best Sony TV Online” for example, would help you get better conversion rates since they represent a particular search intent of the user rather than just “Sony TV”.

Another important thing that search marketers need to consider is that the competition level on the main keywords is very high. Hence, ranking on such keywords is very difficult as compared to ranking on long tail keywords unless you have a highly authoritative website.

To ensure that your long tail keyword SEO strategy works well you need to keep a few things in mind. Firstly, each of the main long tail keywords should have a separate landing page with targeted meta tags, heading tags, content and image ALT (to name a few). However, webmasters should avoid targeting the same keywords on multiple pages. They should also ensure that the content is written in a manner wherein Google is easily able to understand the overall context of the content.

Integrating schema markups on individual pages also helps boost CTR levels and for long tail keyword research, you can use various online tools such as Word Tracker or KWFinder or attend We Are SEORockstars in Las Vegas 2018.


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