Make Your Brand Speak With The Help Of A Professional Uniform

14 Sep

Brand awareness is about being consistent in each of your messages. Each communication and employee of your organization talks about what our business is. It also represents your way of establishing your company as an expert in the industry.  

Along with various other things, it also includes the uniform of your organization. Each employee is an individual brand partner of your organization – what they wear, how they talk, and how they represent themselves in the industry speaks volume about your business and work culture.

In fact, we send a message to the audience even before uttering a word. Experts say – designing corporate uniforms is as crucial as creating the business content.

Many a time, employees complaint about a specific uniform – they feel their freedom being entangled. As an entrepreneur, before you speak to the world, you need to convince your employees on the benefits of a uniform. Otherwise, dissatisfaction is sure to reflect in every sphere, including their performance, customer service, and brand awareness.

So, make sure that the dress you select is something very comfortable and smart while instilling confidence in your employees. True, that you cannot make everyone happy! But, just as a businessman, you aim to satisfy your customers; as an employer, you need to take care of your employees’ needs.

If you are planning to implement a uniform, make sure it helps you to stand apart from the crowd and acts as a motivation to your workforce.

Tips for selecting the perfect professional uniform that makes your brand speak

1. Know your brand

Even before you start thinking about a uniform, you need to be aware of the business – its offerings, services, culture – every small thing about your business and your brand proposition.

What is your brand’s disposition?  Think of your brand as a person, and how would you describe it?  What is your brand’s belief? Is it an orthodox module, or does it believe in ‘work hard and party harder’? 

Now think of the clothing that the person imagined by will prefer to wear? 

In case it seems too much of a task for you, hire an expert and she can guide on sailing through the process. Designers mostly come with loads of experience, and they can not only help find answers to your above questions but can also help you with few of the most suitable designs. 

2. List down each attribute

Knowing every aspect of your brand is going to make it your best friend. And, deciding which dress to buy for your best friend is on any given day easier than purchasing something for someone whom you don’t know.

To make things easier for, start listing down the attributes of the brand. Is it approachable or professional or quirky? Does it focus more on creativity or represents a technology geek?

Now, hold a piece of cloth in your hand and try to imagine which attributes it fits to.

For example, lively prints reflect a fun character, and blazers add an influential vibe.

3. Neither be dull not too outspoken

A uniform should neither too dull nor too bold – it’s like a lady’s make-up, which is not too evident. But, it surely enhances the beauty of the lady.

It should also not be too casual or stiff.

Anything extreme can affect the work culture to a great extent and also portray an incorrect image in front of clients. Too casual outfits can make the workplace ambiance easy-going and over-relaxed, in turn affecting performance. On the other hand, if the uniform of a creative person is too stiff, he might feel clogged and might not be able to perform.

So, a lot depends on which industry you belong to, what are your services, and how included your employees feel.

To conclude, we can say while you can make your brand speak with your uniform deciding upon it, is not always an easy task. So, take your time, discuss it with your employees, if possible note down their opinions, and discuss your brand thoroughly with your brand strategists.

A simple decision of yours can have a significant impact on your business! 


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