Power of internet: How to run an online promotional campaign for better sales

30 Apr

Whether you are a brand new startup, looking to carve a niche for yourself in the market or an established company looking to boost up sales, you would definitely need to adopt the following online strategies to get the word out. The fact is that when it comes to online marketing you would be going head to head with millions of other online websites, each targeting the same demographic. So you may want to check out these tips, to ensure that your online digital strategy results in better dividends and improved visibility and sales.

  • Register with the main blogs: This particular tip is something that you would need to adopt right away, especially if you are a brand new startup. By registering your company with Google, and undergoing the verification process, you have just ensured that your website is easily found on Google SERPs and that your location would even show up on Google maps. The same holds true for Yahoo and Bing as well. By ensuring that you have registered your company website with these three blogs, you have made sure that your company is more visible than earlier on. You can even make an offer of several promotional items, to catch the users’ interest.
  • Social media: It goes without saying that you need to have active social media accounts in order to effectively leverage the same. When you have platforms like Facebook and Instagram that boasts of a readership base that goes into billions, it would be extremely shortsighted on your part not to take advantage of the same. You can set up your website in such a way that all official updates are automatically shared to your various social media accounts. This should provide you with better visibility and even result in better traffic than before. You can also share the news regarding promotional gifts on various social media platforms to drive up interest in your company.
  • Start a blog: One of the effective ways to communicate with your audience is by way of a blog. You can use the blog to communicate with your current and prospective audience, answer their queries and even use the same to market your current products and services. At the least, it should result in a better conversion result than before.
  • Videos: High-resolution images and videos make for better marketing material than just content alone. And that’s why you may want to set up a business account with both YouTube as well as sites like Flickr, Instagram, etc. You can develop a set of high-resolution images and videos that are catchy, and funny at the same time and share it with your current audience. You will find that your company gets more traction online as a result.
  • SEO: You need to ensure that your website is optimized for SEO so that the search engine robots can index your site faster and that the new content gets listed onto the search engine page results right away. Once your website is SEO optimized, you should be able to rank higher, get better search results, more traffic and more sales as a result.
  • Press releases: It is always a good idea to communicate anything positive regarding your company. So if your company has achieved something positive in the last few days, then you may want to set up a press release and communicate the same to various press release agencies. Soon, all the right people would soon know what your company is about and what it stands for.

These are some of the tips that you need to adopt right away, as far as online marketing is concerned. These tips are designed to help you stand out from the crowd and to help you build up an audience right away.


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