Talk Of The Trade Show – 5 Tips To Ensure Yours Is The Most Memorable Stall At Your Next Expo

03 Dec

When you’re already juggling the ever-changing demands of running a business, preparing for a sales expo can be one stressful thing too many. Regardless of whether it’s your first time or 50th, creating a stall that stands out is a demanding challenge as your fellow stallholders all share that same goal. Here are five easy and engaging ideas you can use to set up a stall that commands attention for all the right reasons.

1. Big, Beautiful Banners That Beg For Selfies

An excellent way to get most of your stall decor sorted while showcasing your brand is by using media wall banners. By ordering a bold, custom banner with your logo or branding printed across it, you immediately save time and simplify your set-up process as it will take up half (or more) of your stall space. Banners are a great way to get your brand in front of as many eyes as possible at the expo, as well as online – the brighter the banner, the more attention-grabbing it will be in the background of any social media photos of the event!

2. Refreshing, Healthy Snacks

Lollies, mints, and even ice-cream are all old news in the expo world. While everybody loves a sugary snack at first, trade shows are not children’s birthday parties – guests are growing tired of sweets and cookies. This is why opting for something different and more nutrient-dense could really work in your favor. It’ll also reflect positively on your business.

Some ideas include sushi, sandwiches, fresh juices, or a free tea and coffee station. Take it a step further and color-coordinate the snacks with your brand colors, or print your logo on cups and any eco-friendly wrapping or packaging. 

3. Use Video and Projection 

Engage passersby and prospective customers with moving images. Put together a showreel of your products or a slide show to complement your stall. While not everybody at a convention will stop to look through flyers or have a chat, a screen showing video content can gain attention and project what’s remarkable about your business to people as they approach your stall. 

4. Offer A Free Wi-Fi Hotspot 

Wi-fi at busy trade shows is known to be unreliable as stallholders and attendees compete for the connection. Turn this into your strength by bringing your own wireless broadband device to set up a wi-fi hotspot. By setting up some comfortable chairs or bean bags near your healthy snack station, you can create a space for people to teak a break, connect to wi-fi, and soak in your branding. You never know what opportunities may arise from conversations with relaxed guests. You can even consider using a sign-in page to generate customer leads and grow your email list. 

5. Don’t Try To Handle Everything Alone 

This cannot be emphasized enough. Small business owners will often try to take on more tasks than they can handle, and planning for trade shows is no exception. The reality is, having helpful staff is in your best interest for achieving success at the expo. It’s essential to share the physical work of carrying and setting up all your stall props, furniture, and samples. And you’ll thank us when you have somebody to double-check things with and to cover you when you need to take a toilet break! A team, or at very least, an assistant, is vital for making your stall the best it can be.

Now that you’ve read the tips, it’s time to start planning for your next trade show. How many of the above points will you implement?


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