Tips For Optimizing Your Website For Mobile Users

17 May

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you’re aware that mobile websites can be a powerful tool to connect with a large audience of potential customers that have mobile devices. However, once you have a mobile website, it’s very important that you have the right marketing strategies to put your mobile website to the best use.
Here are 4 great marketing strategies to make the most out of your mobile website and reach even more customers:

1. Use custom QR codes to promote your mobile website

QR codes are one of the simplest ways to drive traffic to your mobile site. You can easily send customers directly to a specific mobile page, especially if your target customer might not be willing to type out a URL on their mobile device. Add a QR code that links to your mobile site on places where potential customers can easily access it on the go, for instance on posters, leaflets or even your merchandise.

2. Make the most of your local marketing efforts

Take advantage of review websites such as like Yelp and Google Places, where consumers regularly visit to find trustworthy information on local businesses. It’s as simple as adding a link to your mobile site on your local review site’s profile page, making it easy for potential customers to gather information about your business such as directions, your opening times or even your image gallery. Sending these visitors to your mobile site and giving them a better user experience could be the difference between choosing you over your competitors.

3. Integrating your mobile site with email marketing programs

As we highlighted in our last blog post, with so many people reading emails on their mobile devices, a great strategy to engage these customers is by providing them with a link to your mobile website in your marketing emails. Recent stats show that mobile conversion rates are increasing rapidly, with tablets exceeding traditional desktop devices for conversion rates. Including a link to your mobile website on your marketing emails with further information and offers, could greatly improve the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

4. Don’t forget social media

Think about it, when was the last time you accessed your personal social media account on a desktop? Not recently? Well, you’re not alone. Recent stats, show that 71% of people use mobile to access social media. That means that there’s probably a 70% chance that your potential customer is going to look through your social media profile on their phone. How to do you take advantage of this potential traffic? Include a link to your mobile website on all your social media profiles! Simple.
Remember, the reason why you have a mobile website is to make it easy for potential customers on the go to access your site and act on it easily. No more zooming in, scrolling across, difficulty accessing links or slow loading times. Your mobile site overcomes all these obstacles, so take every opportunity to put it in front of every potential mobile customer


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