Why Signage Is Getting Popularity as a Form of Advertising?

07 Nov

Do you know that approximately 85% of your potential customers pass by your business every day – and for most, you go unnoticed? You obviously want increased awareness of your business, and in the modern era, digital sign boards are the best way to grab the attention of your potentials.

The company signs for buildings help you to pass on your business’s quantifiable and time-sensitive communication to a broader audience, thus making it a driving force of the communication market. Outdoor signages are not any more traditional hoarding with pictures and messages – they have evolved and are now available on plasma or LCD backdrops and can grab passersby’s attention; thus, raising further awareness of your business.

Let’s see how signage can add a new angle to your communication strategy.

Ten reasons why digital signage is gaining popularity

1. Promotes Your Brand Image

Digital signage Adelaide not only helps you in communicating your business offerings to the customers, but it also develops a positive brand image for you. They portray the image that you, as a business, do not fret from integrating technology. And this also gains customer’s confidence, and they trust you as they know you will use the latest technology in your products and services too.

2. Makes Communication More Effective

When you communicate your message to the audience in a creative manner, it not only increases the chances of grabbing the attention of more potentials, but it also holds their attention for a longer span. Thus, the effectivity and efficiency of your advertising enhance with digital signage.

3. Acts as a Persistent Reminder

No communication message can work for 24 hours a day and seven days a week except for digital signage. Even when your business is closed, these technological marvels keep working and strives to influence and convert your potential customers. When you place these in an area that has maximum public exposure, it keeps working through increased exposure rate and by building a relationship with your customers all-round the day.   

4. Reaches Out to a Wide Range of Audience

When you place innovative outdoor signage in a busy area or a place there is heavy traffic, you reach out to a variety of audiences within a specified budget. Businesses are using the opening time a movie to communicates sensitive messages. Additionally, you can place them at various locations such as shopping malls, parks, subway stations, etc. 

You can rotate the message you display on a digital screen, and thus you can customize the message depending on the demographics of your audience.

5. Generates Productive Attention of Potentials

When audio is clubbed with visuals, it creates an emotional impact on the audience, which static audio displays cannot. The audio and visual stimuli act wonder on the common public.

6. Extremely Creative

Technological advent has changed the face of advertising and communication to a great extent. And digital signage being one of the most flexible forms of advertising, has reformed the most with technology. They have become more creative and guarantees maximum viewership. People from every sphere of business take the benefit of it, and even when Government has to inform the people about a social issue, it prefers digital signage because of its uniqueness, cost-effectivity, significant impact on the audience’s emotion and vast reach.  

Once you know your audience, and can decide on the location of your advertisement, you can be very creative with this form of communication.

7. More Affordable Cost per Impression

Outdoor signage is not always static – they can be placed on vehicles and other forms of transportation, thus increases the reach further. The cost of this form of advertising might seem to be substantial during the time of installation; however, if you consider the ROI, you will realize that it is very cost-effective. Since it has a broad reach, the cost per impression is much less as compared to other forms of media.


Being a dynamic mode of a communication channel, primarily based on multimedia, it is gaining popularity around the world. It’s a large number of benefits, as stated above, is making it a favorite choice of business who love to be creative with their advertising and want to gain maximum attention.


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