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Wrong digital marketing path can be caused by misreading your B2B metrics

03 Aug

Metrics planning, tracking, and analysis are increasingly helping digital marketers transform their businesses. The best results come from identifying the right customers, tracking the right things and being open to changing the plan if necessary.

It is more than simply capturing the basic analytics of yesterday to keep up with today’s competitors. The path to impact insights today is driven by deep reflection not only on industry, market, and competition but also on prospective customers, their perspectives, and behaviours.

Understanding this is the foundation for deeper understanding.

Comparison of B2C and B2B: Key Factors

When evaluating the best metrics for your company, it is important to remember the differences between B2B (business-to-business) and B2C. Because the transaction is different, the marketing funnel is unique. The B2B buying cycle is shorter and more complicated than the B2B purchase cycle. Final analysis: The motivators and drivers are completely different.

B2C transactions are usually very brief and often driven by emotion and impulse. They also tend to be executed at a lower scale and for a lower price. B2B transactions are longer and more complex, have a greater impact and involve more money.

These transaction types have core differences that make it difficult to track prospects throughout the interaction. B2C tracking may heavily weigh the number of users and overall site traffic when measuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Key insights can be obtained by tracking metrics like shopping cart abandonment or average sales but these metrics are less useful for B2B metrics evaluation.

A Leading Agency provides benchmarks and core B2B digital marketing metrics

Pages per Session

While a low number of pages per session in B2C may not cause concern, it is important that you pay special attention to this metric in B2B.

High page count, especially when combined with a long visit duration, is a sign of success in B2B web marketing. Customers are learning and moving in a meaningful, clear way. Sometimes, high sessions may indicate user interaction issues or problems with user experience — users are trying to find the right thing but it is usually a sign of clear communication and good usability.

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is an important indicator for both B2C businesses and B2B companies. However, in the former it is evaluated in relation to sales volume and interpreted differently. A high bounce rate in B2B is a sign of concern due to the long transaction cycle and high cost of lead generation.

High bounce rates often indicate a disconnect between what users expected and what they found on the site. Common reasons include marketing problems upstream and content problems that can lead prospects off-track. A high bounce rate doesn’t necessarily mean that users are frustrated or having difficulty. It can indicate that prospects received exactly what they wanted and were satisfied. Even in this positive light, high bounce rates can indicate that the user missed an opportunity to keep their attention and move forward in the purchase relationship.

Average Session Time

B2C businesses tend to be driven by quick, low-cost transactions. B2B businesses rely more heavily on long engagements that help customers with complex purchases and make better decisions. The average session length is an important data point for assessing the performance of a B2B site.

Session duration laggards on B2B websites could have important content disconnects with users, design challenges or technical website performance issues, among other things. Session duration leaders, on the other hand, are often able to see these results by guiding customers through an optimized purchasing process that not only captures but also sustains their attention.

Sessions per User

B2C transactions are more impulsive and fast-paced than B2B, which means that there is a lower number of sessions per user. However, B2B websites require more sessions to allow prospects to reach the bottom of their marketing funnel and initiate a sale. Sessions per user B2B KPI is a good indicator of whether the digital marketing strategy has been successful or if there are any problems.

Sessions that are slow for a user could be due to interface or design issues, content relevance issues, suboptimal product market fit, technical issues on the site, or other factors. The space’s leaders are often seeing positive B2B results. Prospects find, learn, decide, and purchase according to the plan.


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